ASA Courses / Adventures

Ashore Courses

Our off-season classes help keep sailing fresh in everyone's minds and also help hone your navigation and sailing skills. These courses, offered from October through March, cover theory of navigation, weather, and radar.

Coastal Navigation (ASA 105)   More information >

Electronic Navigation   More information >

Basic Celestial Navigation (ASA 117)   More information >

Celestial Navigation (ASA 107)   More information >

Weather for Mariners (ASA 119)   More information >

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Introductory Sailing Courses / Adventures

Most adults follow a beginning path by choosing Basic Keelboat as their first course. This is an ideal starting point for moving on to larger keelboats which are generally available for bareboat charter on Lake Superior, Lake Michigan and the Caribbean. What is a keelboat? What is a bareboat?

Basic Small Boat is a reasonable introductory course if bigger boats are not on your horizon. We rent our small boats to graduates.

Basic Keelboat (ASA 101)   More information >

Basic Small Boat (ASA 110)   More information >

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Intermediate Sailing Courses / Adventures

These courses and adventures are often the second time we see you in classes but not always. Many of our graduates come to us with sailing experience or from other programs. We have a business philosophy which says "We don't sell you classes you don't need." Therefore, we do a fair amount of testing folks out of the introductory offerings. We also bring a large number of sailors into the ASA/Northern Breezes' sailing community.

Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103) / Bareboat Cruising (ASA 104)   More information >

Docking (ASA 118)   More information >

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Advanced Sailing Courses / Adventures

We include adventures because at least 75 percent of our Advanced Coastal Cruising graduates take the course a second, third or even a fourth time . . . not because the graduates don't pass, but because the course is a great challenge and "fun." Bareboat graduates charter their own boats either from us (the same boats you've been trained on) or through Northern Breezes' Charter Brokerage Service in the Caribbean or other beautiful locations.

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