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Combined Basic Coastal Cruising/Bareboat Charter Certification: ASA Courses 103 & 104

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Course Location

Pikes Bay Marina, 84190 Pikes Bay Road, Bayfield, WI 54814

Link to Apostles Islands National Lakeshore: Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

Link to "Our Marina," at Pike's Bay, two miles south of Bayfield, Wisconsin: Pikes Bay Marina


Basic Coastal Cruising (103) and Bareboat Charter (104) are taught aboard our 34'-36' cruising auxiliary sailboats as a four-day liveaboard course. Course fee includes course materials - ASA textbooks, Coastal Cruising Made Easy and Bareboat Cruising Made Easy, class notes and ASA Certifications. Students sleep aboard our sloops at the finest marina in the Apostle Islands and anchor out on Saturday night. Lunches on Thursday & Friday as well as all meals on Saturday & Sunday are included.

The Bayfield combined Basic Coastal Cruising and Bareboat Charter course can be scheduled as a regular Bayfield course or as a Family and Friends course.

The following two courses, Basic Cruising - ASA Course 103 and Bareboat Charter Certification - ASA 104, are included in the 4-day combined vacation course program. Read the individual course descriptions for more detail. Flexibility in response to weather often requires rearrangement of scheduling of specific items in the course from one day to a different day.


Basic Cruising - ASA Course 103

This is the first part of a two-part program. Course is conducted on 34'-36' cruising auxiliary sailboats.
Students will learn the fundamentals of large boat cruising while doing it! Preparation for skippering on larger bodies of water is the focus. The Basic Cruising Vacation course is combined in the Apostle Islands with Bareboat Charter Cruising into a four-day live aboard with pre-boarding the night before the course begins. This is the same program as our highly successful Caribbean vacation week.


Bareboat Charter Certification - ASA Course 104

Bareboat Charter Cruising - Part 2 is taught by U.S. Coast Guard licensed captains on Lake Superior. Qualified graduates will become bareboat charter certified from 30 to 45 feet.

This is the second part of a two-part certification program. This is a live-aboard course held on a cruising auxiliary sailboat on Lake Superior. Students will prepare all meals onboard, and anchor out on Saturday night. Students will learn to maneuver the boat under power, dock, anchor, and navigate in differing weather conditions. Successful candidates will receive bareboat charter certification upon completion. Instructor is ASA certified, U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain.


Course Outline

Day 1: Boat Systems & Battery, Electrical Panel, Engine, Prop Walk, Docking, Sailing Tacks & Jibes (Possible Testing)

Day 2: Sail Trim, Crew Overboard Procedures, Reefing, Heaving to, Anchoring (Possible Testing)
Day 3: Navigation, Chart Problem, Rules of the Road, Sound Signals, Buoys, Lights, VHF, Cruising Tips, Docking, Student Directed Reviews

Day 4: Safety Systems, Heavy Weather Sailing, Student Directed Reviews.

Students should bring clothing for all weather conditions, sleeping bag, towel, and navigation instruments. Meals from Saturday breakfast to Sunday lunch are provided onboard.

Includes textbooks: Coastal Cruising Made Easy and Bareboat Cruising Made Easy, published by American Sailing Association, class notes, exam and ASA certification.

Navigation instruments will be available for purchase.



Course Fee

$995 per person; includes sleeping berth and all meals onboard. Meals ashore are the responsibility of each student. $95 discount for couples (any two people signing up together) sharing materials.
Additional course textbooks may be purchased.


Family and Friends

Basic Coastal Cruising and Bareboat Charter certifications are also offered as a Family and Friends course! If you have family members or friends who do not want to earn certification through the American Sailing Association (ASA) or, who are not old enough to be certified, but would like to come along to learn at whatever level while you are being certified, this is the option for you! We offer 1, 2, or 3 certifications in a 12-hour course format spread over 3 or 4 days.  Up to 4 people in addition to the instructor can be on the boat for this Family and Friends course. In certain locations we offer 4 certifications in a 15-hour course format spread over 4 or 5 days. All Family and Friends Basic Keelboat courses are customized for the student and group's needs and schedule. This is a great mother - daughter / father - son option. You pick the combination!


Instructor to Student Ratio is One to Four Maximum!

We are flexible.  If you would like day classes, private lessons, rides, refresher, etc.  Please call.

Lake Superior courses:

2018 Class Schedule

Docking Lake Minnetonka: Sat-Sun: May 19-20
Spring Delivery Adventure: Sat-Mon: May 26-28*
Docking Bayfield: Sat-Sun: June 2-3
Family&Friends 1: Mon-Wed: June 4-6
Bayfield 2: Thurs-Sun: June 7-10
Family&Friends 3: Mon-Wed: June 11-13
Bayfield 4: Thurs-Sun: June 14-17
Family&Friends 5: Mon-Wed: June 18-20
Bayfield 6: Thurs-Sun: June 21-24
Western Lake Superior Destination Adventure: Fri-Fri: June 22-29*
Family&Friends 7: Mon-Wed: June 25-27
Bayfield 8: Thurs-Sun: June 28-July 1
Family&Friends 9: Mon-Wed: July 2-4
Bayfield 10: Thurs-Sun: July 5-8
Family&Friends 11: Mon-Wed: July 9-11
Bayfield 12: Thurs-Sun: July 12-15
National Parks-Isle Royale and Apostle Islands Adventure: Fri-Fri July 13-20*
Family&Friends 13: Mon-Wed: July 16-18
Bayfield 14: Thurs-Sun: July 19-22
Family&Friends 15: Mon-Wed: July 23-25
Bayfield 16: Thurs-Sun: July 26-29
Family&Friends 17: Mon-Wed: July 30-Aug 1
Bayfield 18: Thurs-Sun: Aug 2-5
Family&Friends 19: Mon-Wed: Aug 6-8
Bayfield 20: Thurs-Sun: Aug 9-12
Family&Friends 21: Mon-Wed: Aug 13-15
Bayfield 22: Thurs-Sun: Aug 16-19
Family&Friends 23: Mon-Wed: Aug 20-22
Bayfield 24: Thurs-Sun: Aug 23-26
Family&Friends 25: Mon-Wed: Aug 27-29
Bayfield 26: Thurs-Sun: Aug 30-Sept. 2
Family&Friends 27: Mon-Wed: Sept 3-5
Bayfield 28: Thurs-Sun: Sept 6-9
Western Lake Superior Destination Adventure: Fri-Fri Sept 7-14*
Family&Friends 29: Mon-Wed: Sept 10-12
Bayfield 30: Thurs-Sun: Sept 13-16
Family&Friends 31: Mon-Wed: Sept 17-19
Bayfield 32: Thurs-Sun: Sept 20-23
Family&Friends 33: Mon-Wed: Sept 24-26
Fall Delivery Adventure: Sat-Mon: Sept. 29-Oct 1*

* Fun Sails with Learning and Experience but "No" Set Class

See our Sailing Adventures in the Caribbean for more certification options.


Prerequisite for this course

Basic Keelboat (ASA 101) or equivalent experience with "test-out."

Call Northern Breezes Sailing School at 763-542-9707 to register or with questions.

Register for Combined Basic Coastal Cruising/Bareboat Charter Certification - ASA Courses 103 & 104